Agora Object: A 1039
Inventory Number:   A 1039
Section Number:   Ζ 1698
Title:   Water Pipe
Category:   Architecture Terracotta
Description:   Broken but practically complete. One long joint tongue only. Oval clean-out hole.
Buff clay, unglazed inside, four brown rings outside.
Conservation Status:   Finished
Context:   From the earliest drain of the Tholos, the easternmost preserved section.
Notebook Page:   2099
Negatives:   Leica, XVII-1
PD Number:   PD 79
Dimensions:   L. 0.61; Diam. (outside) 0.156, (smallest, inside) 0.10
Material:   Terracotta
Chronology:   470 B.C.
Date:   2 May 1939
Section:   Ζ
Period:   Classical
Bibliography:   Hesperia Suppl. 4 (1940), pp. 88, 90, n. 66, fig. 67.
References:   Publication: Hesperia Suppl. 4 (1940)
Drawing: PD 79 (DA 4298)
Image: 1997.04.0151 (XVII-1)
Notebook: Ζ-11
Notebook: Ζ-14
Notebook: Ζ-15
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Card: A 1039