Agora Object: A 1916
Inventory Number:   A 1916
Section Number:   Σ 2765
Title:   Well Head
Category:   Architecture Terracotta
Description:   Many fragments preserve about half rim and upper part of body of drum-shaped wellhead, including two circular lifting holes, plus one fragment of lower edge. The top, outer edge, and under surface of the projecting rim are all flat. The outer edge slopes in slightly, and has a small bevel at the top. On the underside, a shallow groove midway in. Plain walls.
Yellowish buff clay; traces of thick yellow slip. Marks of wear on inner edge of rim.
Context:   Well; Boxes 4, 10, 15, 18, 20, 27, 29.
Negatives:   Leica, LV-96
PD Number:   PD 662
Dimensions:   H. (as estimated) 0.50, (base collar) 0.07; Est. Diam. (outside at top) 0.75, (lifting hole) 0.05; W. (rim) 0.09
Material:   Terracotta
Date:   May-June 1951
Section:   Σ
Grid:   Σ:45/Θ
Elevation:   -10--10m.
Masl:   -10m.
Deposit:   N 7:3
Bibliography:   Hesperia 22 (1953), pp. 112, 113, no. 192, fig. 8.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 22 (1953)
Image: 2000.06.0185 (LV-96)
Deposit: N 7:3
Card: A 1916