Agora Object: A 1990
Inventory Number:   A 1990
Section Number:   Η 770
Title:   Omphalos
Category:   Architecture Marble
Description:   Top made in separate piece, for which dowel cutting (?) exists in flat top of this part. Sides have fairly rough claw chisel finish. Bottom surface rough-picked.
Possibly top not originally made separately; hole seems more like remains of lifting hole left when top sliced off later. But later workings around cutting indicate that it may once have contained metal.
Bluish marble.
Context:   Removal of wall of Roman Building (west wall of Room I).
Notebook Page:   1832
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   P.H. 0.38; D. (of top) 0.33; Diam. (bottom) ca. 0.66
Material:   Marble
Date:   22 May 1952
Section:   Η
Grid:   K 6
Bibliography:   Hesperia 52 (1983), p. 270, n. 44.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 52 (1983)
Notebook: Η-9
Notebook: Η-10
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Card: A 1990