Agora Object: A 2306
Inventory Number:   A 2306
Section Number:   Τ 2311
Title:   Lion's Head Spout: Painted
Category:   Architecture Terracotta
Description:   Jaw, nose and left ear missing; broken behind. Chips of hair missing. Top of sima preserved behind. Three rows of flame locks blown forward. Light red clay with bits in it; light smooth finish on face. Much color preserved: black on locks, eyebrows, eyelids, pupils of eyes, eyelashes and wrinkles. Dilute glaze for thin lines on forehead. Red at corner of mouth.
Context:   Imbedded in firm fill on threshold block of Room 5 of Shop Building. South Stoa Building fill.
Notebook Page:   3737
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   P.H. 0.19; W. 0.21; P.Th. ca. 0.13; H. (estimated of sima from bottom of lowest block) 0.195-0.20
Material:   Terracotta
Date:   6 May 1953
Section:   Τ
Bibliography:   Muller (1997), pp. 50, 107, n. 67.
    Hesperia 39 (1970), p. 127, n. 45.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 39 (1970)
Image: 2004.01.1734 (HAT 53-229)
Card: A 2306