Agora Object: A 2708
Inventory Number:   A 2708
Section Number:   Π 946
Title:   Column Fragment
Category:   Architecture Marble
Description:   a) Rough break at both ends, very badly eroded.
b) One end apparently cut, other broken jaggedly.
The two fragments do not join but undoubtedly belonged to one tapering column.
Spirally fluted, right hand twist.
Very coarse-grained crumbly marble with conspicuous quartz weathers to a slightly yellowish gray.
Context:   Marble pile. Fragment a) was found in section Π, fragment b) in section H.
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   P.H. a) 0.02, b) 0.27; Diam. a) (at ends respectively) 0.105-0.12, b) (at ends respectively) 0.15-0.16
Material:   Marble
Date:   1958
Section:   Π
Bibliography:   Hesperia 28 (1959), pp. 263-264, 270, no. F 1-2, pl. 47 b, c.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 28 (1959)
Card: A 2708