Agora Object: A 2971
Inventory Number:   A 2971
Section Number:   Ι 1643
Title:   Column Shaft
Category:   Architecture Marble
Description:   Comprised of four drums. Square empolion cuttings for all joints except that between shaft and base. Drums neatly lettered from top down Λ - Ο.
Notes:   Found at R/6-15/19 (Fall 2016).
Context:   From tower of Late Roman Fortification at S.W. corner of Library of Pantainos; from lowest course of south wall of tower together with A 2969, A 2970, A 2972 and A 2973, and fragments A 2891 and A 2892.
Notebook Page:   3206
Negatives:   Leica
PD Number:   PD 1124, PD 1610, PD 1611, PD 1612
Dimensions:   H. (lower drum) 1.463, (second drum) 1.527, (third drum) 1.592, (upper drum) 1.1395; Diam. (lower) 0.854, (upper) 0.678
Material:   Marble
Date:   July 1959
Section:   Ι
Bibliography:   Agora XIV, p. 166, pl. 84 a.
    Agora XXXI, p. 48, n. 31.
References:   Publication: Agora XIV
Publication: Agora XXXI
Plans and Drawings (6)
Image: 2012.56.0172 (82-158)
Image: 2014.01.0058 (82-356)
Card: A 2971