Agora Object: A 2993
Inventory Number:   A 2993
Section Number:   Ι 1666
Title:   Raking Sima Fragment with Mason's Mark
Category:   Architecture Marble
Description:   Left end with joint preserved. Shallow cavetto. Mason's mark (?) on top: Η.
Island marble.
Fragments of several others left in marble pile in front of Library.
Probably to be associated with A 2992 (horizontal). From same series as A 390, A 1835, A 1892, A 2527, A 2993 and A 3006.
Context:   From demolition of tower of Late Roman Fortification at S.W. corner of the Library of Pantainos.
Notebook Page:   3206
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   H. 0.22; P.L. 0.30
Material:   Marble (Island)
Date:   1959
Section:   Ι
Bibliography:   Hesperia 29 (1960), p. 351.
    Agora XI, p. 30.
References:   Publication: Agora XI
Publication: Hesperia 29 (1960)
Publication Page: Agora 11, s. 206, p. 187
Card: A 2993