Agora Object: B 1488
Inventory Number:   B 1488
Section Number:   ΚΚ 1344
Title:   Gate
Category:   Bronze
Description:   One fragment, preserving section of oval gate with many bits of bronze adhering to interior.
Exterior layer of clay splayed out at either end and slightly flattened on one side for attachment to outer mold surface.
Coarse pinkish clay surrounding gate formed by layer of finer blackened clay.
Notes:   Catalogued 11 May 1973. Other possible parts of gates in boxes 104a and 105b with smaller Diams.
Context:   Casting pit. Lot ΚΚ 105a.
Notebook Page:   383
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   P.L. 0.140; Th. (inner layer) 0.009; Max. Dim. (gate) 0.023
Date:   20 March 1936
Section:   ΚΚ
Grid:   ΚΚ:31-33/ΝΔ-ΝΖ
Deposit:   D 7:3
Lot:   Lot ΚΚ 105
Bibliography:   Hesperia 46 (1977), p. 355, noted.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 46 (1977)
Image: 2009.11.0025 (7-485 A)
Deposit: D 7:3
Lot: ΚΚ 105
Notebook: ΚΚ-2
Notebook: ΚΚ-12
Notebook Page: ΚΚ-12-69 (pp. 2425-2426)
Card: B 1488