Agora Object: B 1537
Inventory Number:   B 1537
Section Number:   ΟΕ 292
Title:   Gate Fragment
Category:   Bronze
Description:   Broken all around.
Coarse red crumbly clay around finer blackened inner layers.
Preserves narrow blackened gate, nearly plugged with bronze at one end, thickly wrapped with outer clay, more at one side perhaps for attachment to body of mould.
Notes:   Catalogued 17 May 1973
Context:   Casting pit (f) in bedrock between Temple of Apollo Patroos and Metroon.
Notebook Page:   382
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   Diam. (interior) 0.010; P.L. 0.120; Th. (inner layer) 0.005;
Date:   11 March 1936
Section:   ΟΕ
Deposit:   H 8:1
Lot:   Lot ΟΕ 111
Bibliography:   Hesperia 46 (1977), p. 346, pl. 78, no. A2.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 46 (1977)
Deposit: H 8:1
Lot: ΟΕ 111
Notebook: ΟΕ-2
Notebook: ΟΕ-3
Notebook Page: ΟΕ-3-84 (pp. 547-548)
Card: B 1537