Agora Object: BI 427
Inventory Number:   BI 427
Section Number:   Φ 591
Title:   Bone Die
Category:   Bone & Ivory
Description:   Spots made of dot within two concentric circles.
Traces of red in circles and dots.
Similar to BI 426.
Context:   Well, container 60 (?).
Negatives:   Leica, LIX-60
Dimensions:   L. (edge) 0.008
Date:   6 April 1937
Section:   Φ
Grid:   Φ:63/ΙΔ
Elevation:   Ca. -29.50m.
Masl:   -29.5m.
Deposit:   M 17:1.7
Lot:   Lot Φ 90
Bibliography:   Agora V, p. 107, pl. 56, no. M 251.
References:   Publication: Agora V
Image: 2012.53.1055 (LIX-60)
Deposit: M 17:1
Deposit: M 17:1.7
Lot: Φ 90
Notebook: Φ-5
Notebook Page: Φ-5-35 (pp. 859-860)
Notebook Page: Φ-5-54 (pp. 897-898)
Card: BI 427