Agora Object: BI 593
Inventory Number:   BI 593
Section Number:   ΠΠ 327 BIS
Title:   Bone Flute Fragment
Category:   Bone & Ivory
Description:   One end broken off, near joint; inset flange preserved. The other end flanged to take a section fitting over it.
This section tapers slightly, from the preserved end, then swells out considerably.
A pair of slightly incised lines around the flange, and another near the broken end; just above this, a small hole pierced through.
(From mouthpiece end of flute: J. Neils & N. Xanthoulis - ancient salpinx specialist 25/6/12)
Bone greenish.
Notes:   Fragments of other flutes in tray.
Context:   Provenience uncertain.
Negatives:   Leica, 83-385
PD Number:   PD 1242
Dimensions:   L. 0.093; Diam. 0.018
Date:   1947
Section:   ΠΠ
Bibliography:   Hesperia 33 (1964), pp. 392-394, fig. 1, pl. 70.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 33 (1964)
Drawing: PD 1242 (DA 6460)
Drawing: PD 1242 (DA 6461)
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Image: 2016.07.0301
Image: 2012.56.1104 (83-385)
Notebook: ΠΠ-4
Notebook Page: ΠΠ-4-14 (pp. 618-619)
Card: BI 593