Agora Object: BI 815
Inventory Number:   BI 815
Section Number:   Κ 3983
Title:   Bone Ring
Category:   Bone & Ivory
Description:   Bezel intact except for some chips. Two thirds of ring band missing.
Bezel shows profile bust of female, left, in relief.
Hair falling in three strands gathered above nape with double band. Heavy features.
Excellent workmanship.
Context:   Trench D in ΣΤ backfill.
Notebook Page:   5075
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   H. (bezel) 0.031; W. 0.032; Th. 0.003
Date:   4 July 1968
Section:   Κ
Bibliography:   AgoraPicBk 12 (1971), fig. 29.
    CAH, Plates to Vol. VII Part I, p. 125, fig. 161.
References:   Publication: AgoraPicBk 12 (1971)
Notebook: Κ-24
Notebook: Κ-25
Notebook Page: Κ-24-63 (pp. 4816-4817)
Notebook Page: Κ-25-93 (pp. 5074-5075)
Card: BI 815