Agora Object: G 377
Inventory Number:   G 377
Section Number:   ΠΠ 708
Title:   Plate Fragment
Category:   Glass
Description:   Much mended fragment, preserving most of base and center of floor.
Flat floor, high slightly flaring ring base. Raised circle in center of underside with small central boss.
Opaque white glass.
Context:   South House, room 18, destruction fill near floor.
Negatives:   Leica
PD Number:   PD 505, PD 2023-2
Dimensions:   Diam. (base) ca. 0.075
Date:   4 May 1949
Section:   ΠΠ
Deposit:   B 17:1
Bibliography:   Agora XXXIV, no. 171, p. 120, ill. 6, fig. 11, pl. 17.
References:   Publication: Agora XXXIV
Drawing: PD 2023-2 (DA 6468)
Image: 2007.01.0564
Deposit: B 17:1
Notebook: ΠΠ-9
Notebook: ΠΠ-10
Notebook Page: ΠΠ-9-36 (pp. 1662-1663)
Notebook Page: ΠΠ-10-71 (pp. 1932-1933)
Card: G 377