Agora Object: G 614
Inventory Number:   G 614
Section Number:   ΒΔ 564
Title:   Bottle Fragment
Category:   Glass
Description:   Mouth of bottle broken just below base of neck.
Simple flaring mouth tapering down to slender neck, then spreading out for nearly horizontal shoulder.
Iridescent greenish-yellow glass.
Context:   Fill of drain.
Notebook Page:   1611
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   P.H. 0.044; Diam. 0.047
Date:   12 June 1971
Section:   ΒΔ
Grid:   Q/2-6/10,13
Bibliography:   Agora XXXIV, no. 366, p. 163, pl. 32.
References:   Publication: Agora XXXIV
Report: 1971 ΒΔ
Report Page: 1971 ΒΔ, s. 3
Image: 2007.01.0731
Notebook: ΒΔ-4
Notebook: ΒΔ-8
Notebook: ΒΔ-9
Notebook Page: ΒΔ-4-51 (pp. 692-693)
Notebook Page: ΒΔ-8-37 (pp. 1464-1465)
Card: G 614