Agora Object: I 1423
Inventory Number:   I 1423
Section Number:   Β 181
Title:   Marble Fragments
Category:   Inscriptions
Description:   Inscribed fragments.
Fragment Β 181a (a), preserves part of the smooth left side, and the bottom (?).
Fragment Β 181b (b), has part of the left side; otherwise broken.
Hymettian marble.
Notes:   a) (Β 181a) 10/ΚΒ
b) (Β 181b) 7-17/Ι-ΙΣΤ
a) (Β 181a) G 11
Context:   a) (Β 181a), found in modern wall, north of the Tholos.
b) (Β 181b), found in marble dump, north of the Tholos.
Negatives:   Leica, III-18
Dimensions:   H. a) 0.16, b) 0.13; Lett. H. a) 0.006, b) 0.005; W. a) 0.192, b) 0.135; Th. a) 0.09, b) 0.029
Material:   Marble
Chronology:   3rd. century B.C.
Date:   a) (Β 181a) 1 March 1934
b) (Β 181b) 13 March 1934
Section:   Β
Grid:   Β:10/ΚΒ
    G 11
Bibliography:   Tracy (1990), p. 98.
    Hesperia 16 (1947), p. 154, no. 50.
    Hesperia Suppl. 1 (1937), p. 79, no. 32.
    Agora XV, no. 142, p. 131.
    IG II3,1,5, 1424 (frag. b).
References:   Publication: Agora XV
Publication: Hesperia 16 (1947)
Publication: Hesperia Suppl. 1 (1937)
Image: 2008.16.0463 (III-18)
Image: 2012.50.0219 (III-18)
Notebook: Β-2
Notebook Page: Β-2-8 (pp. 203-204)
Notebook Page: Β-2-10 (pp. 207-208)
Card: I 1423