Agora Object: I 2408
Inventory Number:   I 2408
Section Number:   Π 113
Title:   Boundary Stone
Category:   Inscriptions
Description:   Inscribed boundary stone.
Mended from five fragments.
Broken at left side and bottom only; but the left side may represent original state of the stone, and a bit of bottom seems to be preserved.
Below the inscription in late Roman times a face in profile has been crudely scratched.
Pentelic marble.
Context:   Found in modern context, over the east end of Middle Stoa, among roots of a modern tree in courtyard.
Negatives:   Leica, 5-183, 87-2-7a, 87-2-8a
Dimensions:   H. 0.417; Lett. H. 0.031; W. 0.255; Th. (at top) 0.06, (at bottom) 0.063
Chronology:   Ca. 400 B.C.
Date:   5 February 1935
Section:   Π
Grid:   Π:23/ΛΕ
Bibliography:   Hesperia 35 (1966), p. 276.
    Hesperia 8 (1939), p. 77, no. 24.
    Agora III, no. 728, p. 221.
    Agora XIX, no. H 72, p. 37, pl. 6.
    IG I2, no. 864.
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Card: I 2408