Agora Object: I 2534
Inventory Number:   I 2534
Section Number:   Ο 316
Title:   Grave Monument
Category:   Inscriptions
Description:   Inscribed grave monument.
Intact save minor fractures. Top and sides toothed.
Back and lower 0.25m. front rough.
The letters shallow, carelessly cut.
Hymettian marble.
Context:   Found in modern context at surface, east of the Odeion.
Negatives:   Leica, XXXVII-66
Dimensions:   H. 0.62; Lett. H. 0.017; W. 0.35; Th. 0.064
Chronology:   4th. century B.C.
Date:   1 March 1935
Section:   Ο
Grid:   Ο:70/Μ
Bibliography:   Hesperia 21 (1952), no. 19, pl. 94.
    Agora XVII, no. 920, p. 164.
References:   Publication: Agora XVII
Publication: Hesperia 21 (1952)
Image: 2008.16.0744 (XXXVII-65)
Card: I 2534