Agora Object: I 781
Inventory Number:   I 781
Section Number:   Ι 302
Title:   Honorary Monument Fragment
Category:   Inscriptions
Description:   Inscribed fragment.
Broken all around; from a large base.
Honorary monument of the council of the Areopagos.
Part of three letters preserved.
Pentelic marble.
ADDENDA Other fragments which belong or join: I 955, I 1165, I 1166, I 1287, I 1321a, b, c, d, I 1337.
Context:   Found in late context, west of the late Roman Fortification, in the area of the Library of Pantainos.
Negatives:   Leica, LXX-24, LXX-33
Dimensions:   H. 0.082; Lett. H. 0.045; W. 0.123; Th. 0.076
Material:   Marble
Date:   1 May 1933
Section:   Ι
Grid:   Q 13-14
Bibliography:   Hesperia 29 (1960), p. 47, no. 57, pl. 10.
    Agora XVIII, no. H502.
References:   Publication: Agora XVIII
Publication: Hesperia 29 (1960)
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Card: I 781
Card: I 781