Agora Object: L 1938
Inventory Number:   L 1938
Section Number:   ΠΘ 161
Title:   Lamp
Category:   Lamps
Description:   Nozzle, most of front part, and most of the base missing.
Rows of raised dots on rim and on lower body; a ring of dots also around the discus. Volutes at base of nozzle. Triple grooved handle, carelessly pierced through. Concentric ridges on the bottom.
Pale buff clay.
Type XXVIII of Corinth collection.
Context:   Cistern A.
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   H. 0.033
Material:   Ceramic
Date:   22 May 1935
Section:   ΠΘ
Elevation:   -4.7--4.7m.
Masl:   -4.7m.
Deposit:   D 10:1
Period:   Roman
Bibliography:   Agora VII, no. 1260, p. 138.
References:   Publication: Agora VII
Publication Page: Agora 7, s. 222, p. 206
Publication Page: Agora 7, s. 233, p. 217
Deposit: D 10:1
Card: L 1938