Agora Object: L 2224
Inventory Number:   L 2224
Section Number:   ΜΜ 112
Title:   Lamp
Category:   Lamps
Description:   Pierced side knob; watch-shaped body.
Raised base. Scraped groove around filling hole. Wheel made.
Rich red glaze all over, except on underside of base.
Type IX (clamshell variety) of Corinth collection, type 29A of Agora collection.
Context:   Cistern, main chamber.
Negatives:   Leica, 83-264, 83-187
Dimensions:   L. 0.095; W. 0.073; H. 0.031
Material:   Ceramic
Date:   6 April 1936
Section:   ΜΜ
Grid:   ΜΜ:44/Η
Elevation:   -4.00 to -4.60m.
Masl:   -4.6--4m.
Deposit:   E 3:1
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   AgoraPicBk 9 (1963), cover.
References:   Publication: AgoraPicBk 9 (1963)
Publication Pages (4)
Image: 2012.56.0905 (83-187)
Deposit: E 3:1
Notebook: ΜΜ-2
Notebook: ΜΜ-3
Notebook Page: ΜΜ-2-44 (pp. 277-278)
Notebook Page: ΜΜ-3-85 (pp. 559-560)
Card: L 2224