Agora Object: L 2322
Inventory Number:   L 2322
Section Number:   ΠΘ 1420
Title:   Lamp
Category:   Lamps
Description:   Complete.
Black glaze inside and out, except on bottom, which is flat and very slightly raised.
Attic clay.
Type IV (shallow variety, later 5th. century group) of Corinth collection, type 21B of Agora collection.
Context:   Fifth century fill over bedrock.
Negatives:   Leica, 83-303
Dimensions:   H. 0.018; L. 0.095
Material:   Ceramic
Chronology:   Ca. 460-430 B.C.
Date:   1 May 1936
Section:   ΠΘ
Grid:   ΠΘ:87/ΚΑ
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   AgoraPicBk 9 (1963), fig. 80.
References:   Publication: AgoraPicBk 9 (1963)
Publication Page: Agora 4, s. 236, p. 226
Image: 2012.56.1022 (83-303)
Image: 2000.06.0172
Image: 2000.06.0173
Card: L 2322