Agora Object: L 2948
Inventory Number:   L 2948
Section Number:   Φ 288
Title:   Lamp Fragment
Category:   Lamps
Description:   Single fragment preserves most of discus, with a ram, left.
Reddish clay.
Type XXVIII of Corinth collection.
Cf. L 3005, Φ 289, from this same container.
Context:   Well; container 62.
Negatives:   Leica, LXIII-24
Dimensions:   Max. Dim. 0.05
Material:   Ceramic
Date:   6 April 1937
Section:   Φ
Grid:   Φ:63/ΙΔ
Elevation:   -30.4--29m.
Masl:   -30.4--29m.
Deposit:   M 17:1.6
Lot:   Lot Φ 91
    Lot Φ 92
Period:   Roman
Bibliography:   Agora V, no. M 202, p. 103, pl. 46.
    Agora VII, no. 1010, p. 131.
Is Similar To:   Agora:Object:L 3005
References:   Publication: Agora V
Publication: Agora VII
Publication Pages (4)
Image: 2012.53.1422 (LXIII-24)
Deposit: M 17:1
Deposit: M 17:1.6
Lot: Φ 91
Lot: Φ 92
Notebook: Φ-3
Notebook: Φ-5
Notebook Page: Φ-3-52 (pp. 494-495)
Notebook Page: Φ-5-53 (pp. 895-896)
Card: L 2948