Agora Object: L 4286
Inventory Number:   L 4286
Section Number:   ΠΠ 111
Title:   Lamp
Category:   Lamps
Description:   Mended from many pieces; largely complete.
Rim, herringbone panels with impressed circles; discus, crescent. Handle, double-grooved above, with horizontal grooves along the central ridge; triple grooved below. Reverse, five impressed circles within a double circular groove.
Dull red glaze wash.
Light red clay.
Type XXVIII of Corinth collection.
Context:   N.S. Trench II, inside elliptical tile drain.
Notebook Page:   196
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   H. 0.038; W. 0.08; L. 0.10
Material:   Ceramic
Date:   5 July 1947
Section:   ΠΠ
Period:   Roman
Bibliography:   Agora VII, no. 1076, p. 134.
References:   Publication: Agora VII
Publication Page: Agora 7, s. 222, p. 206
Publication Page: Agora 7, s. 237, p. 221
Notebook: ΠΠ-1
Notebook: ΠΠ-2
Notebook Page: ΠΠ-1-106 (pp. 196-197)
Notebook Page: ΠΠ-2-34 (pp. 258-259)
Card: L 4286