Agora Object: L 5983
Inventory Number:   L 5983
Section Number:   ΒΖ 293
Conservation Number:   1029
Title:   Lamp
Category:   Lamps
Description:   Mended from four fragments. Tips of nozzles, parts of rim and wall missing.
Convex bottom with central conical tube, flat rim projecting inside only, sloping down toward center, sharp angle at juncture of rim and wall. Two opposing nozzles (only partially preserved) rising above rim.
Glazed: interior and top of rim, dull black and peeling.
Buff clay, brittle. Imported (?).
Type 19A of Agora collection.
Cf. Agora IV, nos. 131, 132.
Ca. 490-480 B.C.
Context:   Well.
Handling:   The object is in stable condition and requires no special storage conditions.
Notebook Page:   1929
Negatives:   96-77-3, 96-77-4
Dimensions:   Diam. ca. 0.103; H. 0.021
Material:   Ceramic
Date:   7 July 1995
Section:   ΒΖ
Grid:   J/6,7-2/19,20
Elevation:   45.45-45.25m.
Masl:   45.25-45.45m.
Deposit:   J 2:4
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   Hesperia Suppl. 46 (2011), p. 286, no. 196, fig. 153.
Published Type:   Agora IV, nos. 131, 132.
References:   Publication: Agora IV
Publication: Hesperia Suppl. 46 (2011)
Image: 2007.01.1111
Image: 2012.82.1986 (96-77-3)
Image: 2012.82.1987 (96-77-4)
Deposit: J 2:4
Card: L 5983