Agora Object: MC 1303
Inventory Number:   MC 1303
Section Number:   ΠΑ 991
Title:   Turkish Pipe
Category:   Misc. Clay Objects
Description:   Two large pieces missing from rim.
It is of lily type (rim and bowl are in one; acute angle between axis of bowl and axis of stem socket) with flaring rim and thickened lip and flaring stem socket. On undersurface of stem end of socket is a seal, tentatively read by N. Stravoulakis as
N A K I or T I K A.
Decoration consists of elaborate impressed feather or scale pattern over entire pipe except for reserved zones around lip and body and end of stem socket.
Dark red clay and slip, burnished to a high glass.
Notes:   Catalogued November 1979.
Conservation Status:   Finished
Context:   Trenches a-e, fill below strosis 1. Turkish level and in Turkish cellar holes. Container 202.
Notebook Page:   1724 ff.
Negatives:   80-13-18
Dimensions:   H. 0.042; P.L. 0.06
Date:   1965
Section:   ΠΑ
Grid:   S 15-16
    T 16
Period:   Turkish
Bibliography:   Vroom (2019), no. 21, p. 211, fig. 76.
    Hesperia 54 (1985), p. 199, pl. 63, no. A 31.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 54 (1985)
Publication: Vroom (2019)
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Card: MC 1303
Card: MC 1303