Agora Object: MC 961
Inventory Number:   MC 961
Section Number:   Τ 2580
Title:   Plate Fragment
Category:   Misc. Clay Objects
Description:   Fragment from the rim of a banded plate (?), with a trace of the attachment of the handle at the rim.
Plain rim, inscribed on under side, glazed on top, and with a little glaze on underside around handle; the edge of a second band of glaze on floor above.
Context:   Shop building, east end of colonnade, layer e.
4th c. B.C. fill.
Notebook Page:   3755
Negatives:   Leica
PD Number:   PD 1133-53
Dimensions:   Max. Dim. 0.077; Diam. ca. 0.12
Date:   9 May 1953
Section:   Τ
Bibliography:   Agora XXI, p. 91, pl. 56, no. L 18.
References:   Publication: Agora XXI
Drawing: PD 1133-53 (DA 5570)
Card: MC 961