Agora Object: P 10016
Inventory Number:   P 10016
Section Number:   ΠΘ 2411
Title:   Red Figure Bell Krater
Category:   Pottery
Description:   Considerable fragments of rim, walls and base missing.
A) Dionysos, semi-draped, wreathed, and holding a thyrsos in his right hand, reclines left, on a couch covered with a panther skin; he rests his left elbow on a striped cushion and looks right toward a woman, wearing a chiton and leaf hair ornaments, who offers him a large cake on a tray. From the left approaches a second woman carrying a tray with fruits. Behind each of the women stands a satyr, looking toward the center, each wreathed and filleted, and with a panther skin over his shoulder. He at the right holds a thyrsos and kantharos; at the left, the thyrsos only is preserved. A table with fruits stands in front of the couch; in the field are garlands and plant sprays.
B) Three draped figures.
Egg pattern around handles; maeander broken by checkerboard below scene; laurel wreath on rim.
White, yellowed over, freely used for details on obverse. White for fillets on reverse. Dilute glaze for panther skins, details of hair, eyes, etc. Relief contours on obverse for profile and partially for other flesh outlines.
Context:   Well.
Negatives:   Leica, 7-392, 7-387, 7-388, XLV-37, XLV-38, XLIX-73, XLIX-74, 84-677, 84-699, 85-1, 88-443, 88-444
PD Number:   DA 13345
Dimensions:   Diam. (rim) 0.38; H. 0.36
Date:   22 April 1937
Section:   ΠΘ
Grid:   ΠΘ:78/ΝΣΤ
Elevation:   -6.65--6.65m.
Masl:   -6.65m.
Deposit:   B 13:5
Basket:   12
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   ARV, p. 792, no. 4
    Agora XXX, no. 361, pl. 46.
References:   Publication: Agora XXX
Publication Page: Agora 30, s. 214, p. 195
Publication Page: Agora 30, s. 393, p. 374
Publication Page: Agora 30, s. 484
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Object: Agora XXX, no. 361
Deposit: B 13:5
Card: P 10016
Card: P 10016