Agora Object: P 10095
Inventory Number:   P 10095
Section Number:   Χ 671
Title:   Black Glaze Bolsal: Stamped
Category:   Pottery
Description:   Fragment preserving angular ring foot, floor and part of wall and rim, with one handle attachment.
Stamped decoration: on floor, eight small neatly made palmettes, linked around a circle.
Black glaze all over, peeled somewhat outside, above stacking line. Fine scraped grooves on lower part, outside: two on body above foot; two pairs on underside and a central dot and circle.
Cf. Agora XII, no. 542.
Context:   Well.
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   Est. Diam. 0.12; H. 0.055
Date:   March 1937
Section:   Χ
Grid:   Χ:69/ΟΒ
Elevation:   -6.00m. to -6.80m.
Masl:   -6.8--6m.
Deposit:   M 20:3
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   Hesperia 18 (1949), no. C 160, pls. 94, 95.
Published Type:   Agora XII, no. 542.
References:   Publication: Agora XII
Publication: Hesperia 18 (1949)
Publication Page: Agora 12.2, s. 33, p. 406
Deposit: M 20:3
Notebook: Χ-3
Notebook: Χ-4
Notebook Page: Χ-3-97 (pp. 584-585)
Notebook Page: Χ-4-71 (pp. 732-733)
Card: P 10095