Agora Object: P 11810
Inventory Number:   P 11810
Section Number:   ΚΤΛ 104
Title:   Red Figure Oinochoe Fragments
Category:   Pottery
Description:   Three non-joining fragments with a theatrical scene, from a closed vase, probably an oinochoe. Lower border of running spiral.
a) In center, the lower body and legs of a youth standing half-left; he is nude save for a cloak hanging from one shoulder. In is right hand he carries, by three strings, a large mask, apparently representing a woman. At his left the lower part of the skirt, and one foot (shod) of a female figure in chiton and himation hurrying away. At his right, a bit of the upper drapery of a third figure.
b) Part of the lower leg and shod toes of a draped figure (female) standing facing left.
c) Preserves only the toe of a shod foot (not belonging to any of the figures on a) or b), left, and part of the spiral border.
Excellent black glaze outside and a thin wash inside. Relief contours and outlines throughout. Very thick white paint is used for the face of the mask; purple for the broad fillet on her hair; her hair and features are rendered in a slightly dilute glaze.
Context:   Near bottom of sewer trench along south side of Theseion Plataea. Near, but apparently not in, the well.
Negatives:   Leica, VI-52, IX-103, IX-104, IX-105, XLV-34, 80-418, color slide, 91-23-8
Dimensions:   P.H. a) 0.063, b) 0.073, c) 0.046; P.W. a) 0.076, b) 0.05, c) 0.07
Date:   21 August 1937
Section:   ΚΤΛ
Elevation:   Ca. -3.00m.
Period:   Greek
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Card: P 11810