Agora Object: P 13119
Inventory Number:   P 13119
Section Number:   ΑΑ 443
Title:   Black Glaze Lekane
Category:   Pottery
Description:   Profile complete including one of the rolled lifting handles with upturned ends on the rim. Deep body on very flaring ring foot; flat projecting rim.
Covered with dull glaze, black to red, except for the rim and handle and a band above the foot. Band of glaze across rim beside handle attachment.
Context:   Well, upper fill, ca. 600-570 B.C.
Negatives:   Leica
PD Number:   PD 1173-15
Dimensions:   H. 0.21; Est. Diam. (rim) 0.53
Date:   4-6 May 1938
Section:   ΑΑ
Grid:   ΑΑ:56/ΚΣΤ
Elevation:   -7.2--7.2m.
Masl:   -7.2m.
Deposit:   R 17:3
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   Hesperia 30 (1961), p. 364, noted under no. H 18.
    Agora VIII, p. 46, noted.
    Agora XII, no. 1839, fig. 15, pl. 87.
    Agora XXXI, p. 133, 172.
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Drawing: PD 1173-15 (DA 6612)
Object: Agora XII, no. 1839
Deposit: R 17:3
Card: P 13119