Agora Object: P 1495
Inventory Number:   P 1495
Section Number:   Θ 435
Title:   Moldmade Krater: West Slope
ΤΙΤΛΟΣ:   Kρατήρας με διακόσμηση τύπου Δ κλιτύος και ανάγλυφες παραστάσεις Πήγασου και ορχούμενων Σατύρων 225 - 175 π.Χ. περίπου
Category:   Pottery
Description:   Fragmentary; more than half of the walls preserved, but none of the lip. A large bowl with typical Megarian decoration, to which a base (small ring, perhaps not complete, preserved) and a flaring wheelmade rim have been added. At the junction of the two, on the line of the twisted horizontal handles, a scraped groove colored with miltos. Bowl: bottom, central rosette, from which rises an imbricated leaf pattern; central band, young satyrs with winged horses, in the field large goat masks; upper border, bands of egg and dart, dots, and small palmettes above spirals. Rim: painted inside and out in white and clay-colored paint ("west slope style"). Ivy pattern on both sides of a white band, outside; inside, pendent drops and garlands, in clay color with remains of white. On the bottom, inside, a scraped circle (Diam. ca. 0.11m.) enclosing four lines of clay color intersecting at the center.
Good metallic black glaze inside and out, somewhat worn on the outside.
ΠΕΡΙΓΡΑΦΗ:   Μελαμβαφής κρατήρας, με ανάγλυφο διάκοσμο. Λείπουν θράυσματα από το σώμα του αγγείου. Φέρει τυπική Μεγαρική διακόσμηση.
Context:   South trench. Scattered from 20-35/Δ-Θ, depths ca. 60.00m. Lots Θ 88, 95 above disturbed layer, w/Byz.
Negatives:   Leica, 87-613, 95-9, 97-8-8, 97-8-9, 97-8-10, 97-8-11, 97-8-12, 99-21-36(35), 99-22-3(4), color slide
PD Number:   PD 361, PD 373-a,b
Dimensions:   Est. Diam. 0.25, (base) 0.069; P.H. 0.165
Date:   8 March 1933
Section:   Θ
Grid:   Θ:23-33/Β-Θ
Elevation:   60.20m.
Masl:   60.2m.
Deposit:   H-K 12-14
Lot:   88, 95
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   AgoraPicBk 24 (1998), p. 5, fig. 6 (drawing).
    AJA 45 (1941), pp. 203:5, no. 2 (noted), and 224, n. 85.
    Agora XXII, no. 408, pls. 1, 29, 31, 39.
References:   Publication: Agora XXII
Publication: AgoraPicBk 24 (1998)
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Deposit: H-K 12-14
Card: P 1495
Card: P 1495