Agora Object: P 16297
Inventory Number:   P 16297
Section Number:   Ζ 1705
Title:   Stand Fragment
Category:   Pottery
Description:   Fragment from an open-work stand. Broken away above and below; but the top of the panel remains. In the panel, a composite palmette in flaky black glaze.
Context:   Tholos trench BB, layer XI.
Notebook Page:   2691
Negatives:   Leica, 80-684, 81-583
PD Number:   PD 1036
Dimensions:   P.H. 0.065; P.W. 0.054
Date:   4 May 1939
Section:   Ζ
Deposit:   G-I 11-12
Lot:   Lot Ζ 714
Period:   Protoattic
Bibliography:   Agora VIII, no. 526.
References:   Publication: Agora VIII
Publication Page: Agora 8, s. 105, p. 91
Publication Page: Agora 8, s. 134, p. 120
Drawing: PD 1034; PD 1036-a; PD 1036-b; PD 1036-c; PD 1036-d; PD 1036-e; PD 1036-f; PD 1036-g; PD 1036-h; PD 1036-i (DA 6259)
Drawing: PD 2391-1 (DA 5027)
Deposit: G-I 11-12
Lot: Ζ 714
Notebook: Ζ-14
Notebook Page: Ζ-14-77 (pp. 2690-2691)
Notebook Page: Ζ-14-83 (pp. 2702-2703)
Card: P 16297