Agora Object: P 16464
Inventory Number:   P 16464
Section Number:   ΓΓ 919
Title:   Black Glaze Lekanis with Lid Fragment
Category:   Pottery
Description:   The base of the bowl preserved, with about one-third of the wall and rim, one handle and a trace of the start of the second. Four fragments give a little of the rim and top of the lid. Restored in plaster. Heavy flaring ring foot, rounding walls, flange for lid inset and in-sloping. Cup handles, up-tilted. The lid is domed, and has a sharply down-turned plain rim. Reserved on the bowl, the outer face of the flange, the insides of the handles and the handle spaces; the wall just above the foot, the outer face of the foot, and the resting surface, also the space inside the foot, with central circle and dot, and a finer circle farther out.
The underside of the lid is unglazed. On its top, near the edge, are two purple lines.
Context:   Well, middle fill, containers 11-25.
Negatives:   Leica, 82-448
Dimensions:   H. (body) 0.058; Est. Diam. 0.10
Date:   May, June 1939
Section:   ΓΓ
Grid:   ΓΓ:32/ΛΑ
Elevation:   -2.80 to -4.20m.
Masl:   -4.2--2.8m.
Deposit:   G 18:1.2
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   Agora XII, no. 1247, pl. 42.
References:   Publication: Agora XII
Publication Page: Agora 12.2, s. 38, p. 411
Image: 2012.56.0463 (82-448)
Object: Agora XII, no. 1247
Deposit: G 18:1
Deposit: G 18:1.2
Notebook: Ω-9
Notebook Page: Ω-9-86 (pp. 1759-1760)
Card: P 16464
Card: P 16464