Agora Object: P 17815
Inventory Number:   P 17815
Section Number:   ΑΡ 248
Title:   Cup: Banded
Category:   Pottery
Description:   Mended from three pieces; one handle and bit of rim restored. Conical base. Flaring lip slightly thickened. Inside, reserved dot at center of floor. Outside, reserved band at handle zone and another lower down.
Brown to black glaze, smeary, and carelessly applied.
Context:   Pit B, boxes 3-4.
Negatives:   Leica
Dimensions:   H. 0.06; Diam. 0.088
Date:   17 March 1947
Section:   ΑΡ
Grid:   ΑΡ:17/Κ
Elevation:   -3.8--3.8m.
Masl:   -3.8m.
Deposit:   J 18:4
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   Agora XII, no. 391, pl. 18.
References:   Publication: Agora XII
Publication Page: Agora 12.2, s. 39, p. 412
Object: Agora XII, no. 391
Deposit: J 18:4
Card: P 17815