Agora Object: P 18345
Inventory Number:   P 18345
Section Number:   ΝΝ 3437
Title:   Lekythos: Eros on Dolphin
Category:   Plastic Vases
Description:   The base, made separately, missing; the handle and much of the mouth broken away; also the tip of the dolphin's tail. The back plain, rounded, topped with an ordinary lekythos mouth and handle, these and the shoulder glazed black, as also the mid-part of the back. The front, moulded, shows a youthful male figure, winged, and crowned with a large wreath, seated sidewise on a dolphin. Long curls hang over his shoulders. Firm white slip, with over-painting in colors: blue on wings, red on the dolphin, yellow on the hair.
Pinkish-buff clay.
Notes:   Koukla factory related fill?
Context:   House H, room 10, Hellenistic fill in west part.
Notebook Page:   5582
Negatives:   Leica, XXIX-35, color slide
Dimensions:   P.H. 0.097; P.W. 0.076
Date:   24 July 1947
Section:   ΝΝ
Grid:   C 19
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   Hesperia 47 (1978), p. 388, pl. 96.
References:   Publication: Hesperia 47 (1978)
Image: 2000.02.0688 (Slide Sheet: 45:20)
Image: 2012.51.1425 (XXIX-35)
Notebook: ΝΝ-28
Notebook: ΝΝ-29
Notebook Page: ΝΝ-28-96 (pp. 5582-5583)
Notebook Page: ΝΝ-29-15 (pp. 5620-5621)
Card: P 18345