Agora Object: P 18934
Inventory Number:   P 18934
Section Number:   ΝΝ 4012
Title:   Red Figure Pyxis Lid Fragment
Category:   Pottery
Description:   Fragment from a pyxis or lekanis lid, shallow convex; trace of start of central handle preserved. A head in winged helmet, right. To left, part of the handle and tail of an animal.
Firm black to gray glaze inside and out; no relief contours.
Context:   Pit with kouklas, disturbed 4th. c. fill.
Negatives:   Leica, 88-10-17
Dimensions:   Max. Dim. 0.073
Date:   10-13 June 1947
Section:   ΝΝ
Grid:   ΝΝ:70-72/Κ-ΚΑ
Deposit:   C 19:2
Lot:   Lot ΝΝ 462
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   Agora XXX, no. 1043, pl. 100.
References:   Publication: Agora XXX
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Image: 2012.76.0961 (88-10-17)
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Object: Agora XXX, no. 1043
Deposit: C 19:2
Notebook: ΝΝ-33
Notebook: ΝΝ-44
Notebook Page: ΝΝ-33-97 (pp. 6584-6585)
Notebook Page: ΝΝ-44-57
Card: P 18934