Agora Object: P 18993
Inventory Number:   P 18993
Section Number:   ΝΝ 4077
Title:   Plate: Stamped
Category:   Pottery
Description:   Four joining fragments give the profile complete; a small rim fragment does not join. Shallow plate, carefully profiled. Ring foot slightly flaring; its inner surface rounded. Within it, near the center, a moulded ring. The outer wall concave below the thickened rim. Rim slightly insloped; grooved around inner edge. Flat floor with a light offset near its outer edge below low covering wall.
On floor stamped pattern of four palmettes.
Context:   Well, fill 1.
Notebook Page:   6991
Negatives:   Leica
PD Number:   PD 1190-3
Dimensions:   H. 0.026; Diam. 0.16
Date:   1-2 August 1947
Section:   ΝΝ
Grid:   ΝΝ:72/ΙΑ
Deposit:   C 19:11.2
Lot:   Lot ΝΝ 478
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   Agora XII, no. 1025, fig. 10, pl. 59.
References:   Publication: Agora XII
Publication Page: Agora 12.2, s. 40, p. 413
Drawing: PD 1190-3d; PD 1190-3e; PD 1190-3f; PD 1190-3g; PD 1190-3h; PD 1190-4c (DA 10473)
Object: Agora XII, no. 1025
Deposit: C 19:11
Deposit: C 19:11.2
Notebook: ΝΝ-35
Notebook: ΝΝ-36
Notebook: ΝΝ-44
Notebook Page: ΝΝ-35-102 (pp. 6992-6993)
Notebook Page: ΝΝ-36-17 (pp. 7024-7025)
Notebook Page: ΝΝ-44-59
Card: P 18993
Card: P 18993