Agora Object: P 2009
Inventory Number:   P 2009
Section Number:   Ζ 583
Title:   Red Figure Cup Fragment: Type B
Category:   Pottery
Description:   Broken just below the boy's left shoulder, and diagonally from his chin to the back of his head. The boy wears a wide fillet with zigzag and dot decoration; a single line on his shoulder seems to belong to a cloak. Eye in full profile. Very fine relief contours; a reserved line for the hair with relief contour inside it. The hair around the face and the decoration of the fillet in thinned glaze. Lustrous glaze inside and out.
Attribution to the Euaion painter suggested by G.M. Richter; see Caskey, Vases in the Museum of Fine Arts, pl. XX. (Confirmed by Beazley).
Context:   Level of strosis III in soft earth near rubble wall.
Negatives:   Leica, 4-52
Dimensions:   P.H. 0.029; P.L. 0.044; Th. ca. 0.005
Date:   16 May 1933
Section:   Ζ
Grid:   Ζ:15/Η
Period:   Greek
Bibliography:   ARV, p. 527, no. 32.
    ARV2, p. 791, no. 37.
    Agora XXX, no. 1435, pl. 184.
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Image: 2012.22.0220 (4-52)
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Object: Agora XXX, no. 1435
Notebook: Ζ-5
Notebook: Ζ-15
Notebook Page: Ζ-5-29 (pp. 829-830)
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Card: P 2009