Ambrosia Publication: Relief work in eastern Macedonia. ...
Title:   Relief work in eastern Macedonia.
Author:   Capps, Edward aut
Publisher:   Athens : Sakellarios, P.D. (imp., publ.),
Institution:   Sakellarios (P.D.) (imp., publ.) pbl
Date:   1919
Description:   (The American Red cross commission to Greece). -- I. Organization: the relif stations in Bulgaria By lieutenant-colonel Edward Capps. -- II. The period of full activity. By major Horace S. Oakley -- III. The last phase. By major Henry B. Dewing -- IV. Statistical Summary. By major Henry B. Dewing
Subject:   Red Cross American
Format:   125 p. :
Call Number:   HG 719.5/B 27 (Gennadius Library)