Ambrosia Publication: Excavations at Thera / by ...
Title:   Excavations at Thera / by Spyridon Marinatos. 7/7, 1973 season / trans. by H. Tsigadas.
Author:   Tsigadas, H trl
Publisher:   Athens : The Archaeological society (Athens),
Series:   Βιβλιοθήκη της εν Αθήναις Αρχαιολογικής Εταιρείας 64
    Αρχαίοι τόποι και μουσεία της Ελλάδος 4
Institution:   The Archaeological society (Athens) pbl
Date:   1976
Subject:   Thera Island (Greece); Antiquities
Format:   38 p. :
Language:   eng
Call Number:   CQ 71/20 (Blegen Library)
    A 361.6 (Gennadius Library)