Ambrosia Publication: Mark Eugenicus and the Council ...
Title:   Mark Eugenicus and the Council of Florence : a historical re-evaluation of his personality / [by] Constantine N. Tsirpanlis
Author:   Tsirpanlis, Konstantine aut
Publisher:   Thessaloniki: s.n.,
Series:   Βυζαντινά Κείμενα και Μελέται = Byzantine Texts and Studies = Textus Bizantini et Dissertationes 14
    Βυζαντινά Κείμενα και Μελέται 14
Institution:   χ.ο. pbl
Date:   1974
Subject:   Eugenikos, Markos; Saint; ca. 1392-1445?
Language:   eng
Call Number:   T 888.6 (Gennadius Library)