Ambrosia Publication: Mineral substances utilized ...
Title:   Mineral substances utilized in the arts. Compiled from Mons. A. Gaudry 's 'Geologie de l'ile de Chypre' and from other sources, by P. Gennadius, director of agriculture
Author:   Γεννάδιος, Παναγιώτης Γ. 1848-1917 com
Publisher:   Nicosia: Government Printing Office (Cyprus),
Institution:   Department of agriculture (Cyprus) pbl
    Government Printing Office (Cyprus) pbl
Date:   1905
Description:   Επικεφαλίδα: Cyprus. Department of Agriculture
Subject:   Minerals
Format:   19 σ.
Language:   eng
Call Number:   F 344 (Gennadius Library)