Ambrosia Publication: Athos and its monastic institutions ...
Title:   Athos and its monastic institutions through old engranings and other works or art, by... / Paul M. Mylonas... with a foreword by... David Talbot Rice...
Author:   Rice, David Talbot 1903-1972 aui
    Sherrard, Philip Owen Arnould 1922-1956 trl
    Μυλωνάς, Παύλος Μ. aut
Publisher:   Athens: Makris, J. (graphic arts),
Institution:   Makris (J.) (graphic arts) pbl
Date:   1963
Description:   Translation by Philip Sherrard. -- Dedicated to Mount Athos for its millennium: 963-1963
Subject:   Athos (Greece)
Format:   25, [10]:
Language:   eng
Call Number:   A 1511.71 (Gennadius Library)