Ambrosia Publication: Remarks on the revised version ...
Title:   Remarks on the revised version of the New Testament / By A.G. Paspati ; Reprinted with a preliminary note by N.G. Paspati.
Author:   Πασπάτης, Αλέξανδρος Γ. 1814-1891 aut
    Πασπάτης, Ν. Γ. aui
Publisher:   Athens : 'Pyrsos' (typ., dr., imp.),
Institution:   'Pyrsos' (typ., dr., imp.) pbl
Date:   1940
Description:   Obituary record of Alexander George Paspati, published in the Obituary record of gradustes of Amherst College for the accademical year ending June 25, 1891... -- originally printed by Andreas Koromelas... 1883
Subject:   Bible; New Testament
Format:   69 s.
Language:   eng
Call Number:   T 395.2 (Gennadius Library)
    Pam: PAS (British School Library)