Ambrosia Publication: Biblia Graeca et Latina : ...
Title:   Biblia Graeca et Latina : quorum pars prima continet Mosis quinq ; libros, Iosuam, Iudices & Ruth. [Bibliorvm Graecorvm Latinorvmque pars secunda, continens Regum libros quatuor ... Ecclesiasten & Canticum canticorum. Bibliorvm Graecorvm Latinorvmque pars tertia, continens Hesaiam ... Zachariam, & Malachiam. Bibliorvm Graecorvm Latinorvmque pars quarta, continens Tobit ... Maccabaeorum libros tres & Iosephum de Maccabaeis. ].
    Bible. Greek & Latin 1550. O.T..
Publisher:   Basileae : per Nicolaum Brylingerum,
Date:   1550
Description:   Apart from the Complutensian Polyglot, this is the earliest edition of the Bible in both Greek and Latin.
    The LXX text follows that of the Aldine Bible of 1518, reproduced in the Basel Bible of 1545.
    Brylinger's device, representing three lions, one of which is holding an hourglass, appears on the title page.
    Texts printed in parallel columns..--510 Historical catalogue of printed editions of Holy Scripture in the library of the British and Foreign Bible Society
    GLSC Theology Inventory 2008
Format:   [2], 829p. ;
Language:   grc lat grc
Notes:   part 1
LOC:   BS65BS6515501550
Call Number:   T 42/50 (Gennadius Library)