Ambrosia Publication: Precationes aliquot celebriores ...
Title:   Precationes aliquot celebriores : è Sacris Biblijs desumptæ, ac in studiosorum gratia[m] lingua Hebraica, Græca, & Latina in enchiridij formulam redactæ.
    Bible. Polyglot. 1528. Selections
    Precationes Aliqvot celebriores
Publisher:   [Lyon] : Seb. Gryphio Germ. excud. Lugd,
Date:   1528
Description:   Described as the first independent production of the press of S. Gryphius in: Renouard, A.A. Annales de l'impr. des Aldes (3rd ed.), p. 304-305.
    Most of the selections are printed in 4 columns on facing pages. The 1st column gives the Greek text; the 2nd gives the Vulgate Latin text; the 3rd, the Latin version of Santi Pagnino; the 4th, the Hebrew.
    Signatures: a-lp8s.
    Printer's device on p. [176]: 1 print : woodcut ; image 70 x 58 mm. Motto: Virtute duce, comite Fortuna. References: Baudrier, p. 43, no. 4. -- 2 historiated initials..--510 Baudrier, H.L. Bib. lyonnaise,
Subject:   Prayer-books; Early works to 1800
Format:   [176] p. ;
Language:   lat grc heb
LOC:   BS3891528
Call Number:   B/T 40.1/28 (Gennadius Library)