Ambrosia Publication: Dioscoridis libri octo : ...
Title:   Dioscoridis libri octo : Graece et Latine. Castigationes in eosdem libros [a Jacobo Goupylo]
Author:   Dioscorides Pedanius, Of Anazarbos
Publisher:   Parisiis: Impensis viduae Arnoldi Birkmanni,
Date:   1549
Description:   Title vignette (publisher's device). Initials.
    'Io. Ruellio Suessionesi interprete.'
    Few manuscript notes, mutilated in binding, said to be by Gabriel Harvey, Elizabethan scholar, whose name appears upon the title-page, with date: 1577. Also written upon the title-page is the name Humphry Prideaux(?), with the date 1746.
Subject:   Dioscorides
    Botany; Pre-Linnean works
Format:   392 leaves;
Language:   lat
Call Number:   GC 4453 (Gennadius Library)