Ambrosia Publication: Rudimentorum cosmographicorum ...
Title:   Rudimentorum cosmographicorum Ioan.Honteri Coronensis libri III.cum tabellis geographicis elegantissimis : De uariarum rerum nomenclaturis classes, liber I.
    Rudimenta cosmographica.
Author:   Honter, Johannes 1498-1549.
Publisher:   Tiguri: apud Froschouerum,
Date:   Anno, M. D. XLVIII. [1548]
Description:   Originally published under title: Rudimentorum cosmographiae libri duo. Cracow, 1530.
    Another issue, published previously in the same year 1548, has title: Rudimenta cosmographica.
    Title vignette: Printer's device.
    In verse.
    Signatures: A-Dp8s a-dp4s (A1 verso, D7-D8, d3-d4 blank).
    Includes section of woodcuts, consisting of 3 illustrations and 13 maps, all unnumbered (p.[65-92], a1-d2). 12 of these maps cover two pages each and are printed on adjacent versos and rectos (p.[68/69-90/91]).
    World map, dated Tiguri, 1546, bears monogram of Heinrich Vogtherr the Elder and includes America [=South America], while North America is designated as 'Parias' (p.[68]).
    This edition not recorded in British Museum or Cambridge University catalogues..--510 JCB Lib. cat., pre-1675,.--510 BM STC German, 1455-1600,.--510 Sabin.--510 Harrisse, H. Americana,.--510 Alden, J.E. European Americana,.--510 Borsa, G. Die Ausgaben der 'Cosmographia' von Johannes Honter,
Subject:   Cosmography
Format:   [96] p.:
Language:   lat
LOC:   G113.H76
Call Number:   GT 226.73 (Gennadius Library)