Ambrosia Publication: ...Fakhr ad-Din II : principe ...
Title:   ...Fakhr ad-Din II : principe del Libano, e la Corte di Toscana, 1605-1635... v. 1-2.
Author:   Carali, Paul ed.
Publisher:   Roma : Reale accademia d' Italia,.
Date:   1936
Description:   Added t.-p. in Arabic at end.
    Includes bibliography
Contents:   v. 1. Introduzione storica. Documenti europei e documenti orientali tradotti
Subject:   Fakhr al-Din ibn Korkmas; emir of the Druses; 1572-1635
    Druzes; Foreign relations; Italy; Tuscany; Italy; Tuscany.
    Lebanon; History
    Tuscany (Italy); Foreign relations; Druzes
Format:   v. :
Notes:   Reale accademia d' Italia, Studi e documenti 5.
Call Number:   HNE 167/C 25 (Gennadius Library)