Ambrosia Publication: Aristotles Politiques : or ...
Title:   Aristotles Politiques : or Discourses of government / Translated out of Greeke into French. By Loys Le Roy, called Regius. Translated out of French into English.
    Politics. French.
    Discourses of government
Author:   Aristotle
    Leroy, Louis, ca. 1510-1577 tr.
Publisher:   London : Printed by A. Islip,
Date:   1598
Description:   With expositions taken out of the best authours, specially out of Aristotle himselfe, and out of Plato, conferred together where occasion of matter treated of by them both doth offer itselfe:.
    the observations and reasons whereof are illustrated and confirmed by innumerable examples, both old and new, gathered out of the most renowned empires, kingdomes, seignories, and commonweals that ever have bene, and wherof the knowledge could be had in writing, or by faythfull report, concerning the beginning, proceeding, and excellencie of ciuile government.
    Short-title catalogue no. 760 (carton 908).
Subject:   Political science
Format:   p. ;
Language:   fre grc
Call Number:   GC 3205 q (Gennadius Library)